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.: Created: 04/24/01 :.         .: Updated: 01/20/11 :.         .: Newest Addition: Manteca Skate Scene page and more and better Wallpapers :.

Welcome! Whether you're an am or a pro this page will help assist you in all of your skateboarding needs. I created this web site to share my passion with all of you. I hope you like it. Just click on any of the links to the left to begin (if you don't see any links on the left click here). I hope you check out all the links, sign in my guest book, and take the Skate Poll.

If you have any problems, advice, or hate mail you can send it to me at Please report any broken links if you find any, thanx.

If you like this page you should bookmark it and check back periodically for updates. Feel free to put a link to this page on your page (it would even be appreciated). Please do not link to my files but, you may download them and upload them if necessary.

What does "Dubin" mean? I have no idea. Someone told me it might by an synonym for smoking, others a name, but I just always thought it would be a cool name for a webpage and it can also be used in substitute of cool, sick, rad, bad, tight, etc.
Ex.) Dude, that switch tail slide was dubin!

All that aside, check out the content and above all... JUST KEEP SKATING!

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Take some responsiblity!

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