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Transitional Bracing Methods:

Number One: Cut Out

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    1. You need 3 identical templates. Using a 2-by-4 as a model, trace cut marks holding it flush with curve's edge.

    2. Distribute brace/cut marks as evenly as possible.

    3. With a jigsaw, cut out all marked spaces just outside of lines.

    4. Nail in some bracing 2-by-4s to hold up structure.

    5. Cut 2-by-4s to width of ramp.

    6. Slide 2-by-4s into cut slats (they should fit snugly).

    7. Connect platforms, top platforms, additional bracing or coping.

    8. Apply to sheet(s) (see string and compass)--use nail punch to drive nails flush.

    Number Two: Side Nail

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    This method is quicker to build and much less work.

    1. After cutting the templates, simply nail in 2-by-4s through the sides at the same angle as the first method, using 3"-4" Flathead nails per side per stud (this woks much better if you have help to hold the 2-by-4s in place).

    2. Follow steps 7 and 8 of method one.