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Common Misconceptions
  1. Tony Hawks isn't necessarily the best skateboarder of all time; he's darn good and he was a pioneer for skateboarding... but not the best.
  2. "The 900" isn't necessarily the best trick ever; once again props, but a 20 stair handrail beats a 900 any day.
  3. Rodney Mullen isn't necessarily the best as well; he does some unbelievable, technicle tricks and he invented prety much everything, but hardcore beats tech any day.
  4. Skatebarding is a trend. About 2 years ago a guy by the name of Tony Hawk did a 900 (perhapes you've heard of it) and everyone and their brother started to skate, not because they want a challenge or wanted to be different, but because they want to be the same and fit in.
  5. Skateboarding has been commercialized! 9.7 million people purchase skateboarding equipment and apparel in the US and contribute to litterally billons of dollars to the GNP (Gross National Product) every year. What's sad is that only 30% of that is purchased from people that actually skateboard. Businesses across the world are capitalizing on youths ignorant conformity.
  6. Falling hurts... 'nuff said.
  7. Skateboarding is not a sport... it's a... well not a sport.
  8. Sadly, skateboarding is a fashion now.
  9. "Do a kickflip"
    "Can you ________?"
    "Bust out"
    "Ride them things!"
    "What kind of ______ do you have?"
    If I hear any of the previous statements from you in the future my head is going to explode.
  10. Duct Tape is a skaters best tool.
  11. Because skateboarding in so trendy little kids skate all the time so when older "kids" like me skate people assume we're little kids just "playing" and that skating is easy.
  12. Skateboarding is fucking hard! It takes years and years of practicing and many many falls to get good.
  13. Skateboarding is LITERALLY a crime and we get kicked out of spots all the time and are forced to stay away from cops. Skating around town leads to confrontations every day and sometimes tickets and fights.
  14. Skating should be fun and not about people worrying about who's best.
And after all these negetive things I've listed you may be asking yourself: "why do they even like to skate?" Because the fun of learning new tricks after weeks or months of trying, being able to do something that few or no others have every done, overcomming your fears, and gaining confidence and respect outweigh all the negitive and make for a fun time.

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