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Skating is a Bust

It seems like every where you go to skate you're getting kicked out nowadays. Whether it be by cops, security gaurds, rent-a-cops, store owners or who ever skaters are getting kicked out of places at least once a day. I thought skateboarding is not a crime... right? Actually, skateboarding is literaly a crime. According to most city laws, it is a crime to skate on any public sidewalk, parking lot, or street. So, who do we have to blame for this?

Well, we can start with greedy people and their lawyers; some skater must have gotten hurt while he was skating or hurt someone else. Someone wanted to make some quick and easy money that they didn't deserve and sued the land owners of the property where who ever got hurt. Lawyers have pulled this kind of shit for years. So of coure, businesses all over started becomming sue worried (as they should be).

- Lawyers suck

This soon pushed politicians, eager to remain elected, to agree with the store and business owners. No one wants to be reliable for anyones actions. The politicians got certain laws passed making skating illegal in commercialized areas. That's why all those parking lots and other good skate spots have all those "No Skating" signs posted.

- Politicians suck

Then theirs the people who must enforce these laws: the hard working men and women of law enforcement (yeah right). Cops have always pissed me off with their cocky attitudes. Cops are supposed to "serve and protect" but their too buisy busting speeders and skaters instead of solving, or even beter, stopping, crimes. Now I understand that a lot of cops are actually good people, but when they put on that uniform, they just scare and piss people off. Some cops start out good, but after working with scum bags for many years they become a**holes themselves. They soon become too obsessed with following the law instead of doing what is right.

There's also a ton of crooked cops that do a lot of bad things. Now I don't mean eat and drink donuts and cofee (although that stereotype is actually true). I mean do really messed up stuff like pulling scams, working with other criminals, or using unessesary force.

- Some cops suck

Hopefully something will get done about all of this. We just want to skate and have fun with our friends. Im not sorry if I offended any one in any way. I just want people too lighten up and let us skate. If you have any questions or comments you can email me at

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