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The Poser Test

A poser (aka Wannabe) is a person who tries to be something they're not. Below are questions about qualities that most posers have many of. Just tally up how many times you answer yes and no to the questions to take the test. Be honest; you're only cheating yourself if you lie.

This test is not intended to be too serious; it's mainly just to illustrate a point and be a little entertaining at the same time.

The Test

* Remember: These are all yes or no questions.

  1. Did you start skateboarding less then a year ago?
  2. Do you own any Tony Hawk t-shirts?
  3. Do you really like the brands World Industries, Blind and Shorty's?
  4. Are either Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, or Rodney Mullen you're favorite skaters?
  5. Do you watch the show Jackass?
  6. Do you own any Jackass merchandise?
  7. Do you have skateboard patches on your backpack or do you have magizine cut-outs on or in your school binder?
  8. Do you like the band Slipknot or CKY?
  9. Are the only tricks you think you know a combination of any or all of the following: ollie, kickflip, "varial", pop-shuvit, manuel, and/or f.s. 50-50?
  10. Do you do all or most of tricks with little or no speed?
  11. Do you do kickflips really low and fast (laser flips)?
  12. Do you do less then 3 out of 5 kickflips or heelflips?
  13. Do you hardly ever fall or when you do you don't break a bone or skin?
  14. Do you own any Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games?
  15. Are you less then 15 years old?
  16. Are you fat?
  17. Do you own more then 2 skateboard brand name t-shirts?
  18. Do you spend more time fliping through skate magizines and catelogs, looking at skateboarding websites, and playing skateboard videogames then you do actually skating?


13 - 18 yeses:
It's official, you're definitely a poser. The truth hurts! It's okay though, you can still try your best to change your bad qualities, and then maybe one day, you'll be good enough to call yourself a skater.
7 - 12 yeses:
This is the category a lot of people fall into; it doesn't mean you're the scum of the earth, you just have some poser qualities. You might be one, but for the most part you're a skater.
0 - 6 yeses:
You are most-likely not a poser. This is the category most people who take this test fall into. It's okay if you answer yes to some of these questions; a lot of skaters do a few of the stuff listed above (those things aren't necessarily bad, just qualities that posers have).

If this page offends you... then quit, you mindless conformist! Go beg daddy and mommy for some more attention.

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