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Manteca Skate Scene


This page is all about my home city of Manteca, California. I am proud to call this place... lard?

Brief History of Manteca

The population of Manteca is approximately 64,500 (2007).

In 1861, Joshua Cowell founded the city of Manteca. Initially, it consisted of houses on the corner of what is now known as Main and Yosemite. The year 1873 saw the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad track directly through the city of Manteca. The name of the city originally suggested was “Cowell”, but since another town of the same name already existed, and the name “Monteca” was decided upon. This was however misspelt, and that is how the town came to be called “Manteca”, which is actually Spanish for “lard”. The city was incorporated in 1918, and Cowell was the first mayor. (taken from

Manteca Skate Park

Above are pics of the local park. Manteca City has also given us the pleasure of having a 24-7 live camera installed at the skate park; convenient for snitches :( as well as a second live camera just for police use.

Local Spots

Lots of spots to explore... look familiar?

Manteca Symbology

When you think of Manteca think...

...fresh Air

...lots to do

...and a community that cares

Come vist us:

"Manteca - Just keep driving 'till it smells like shit."

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