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Trick Tips

Here are some trick tip movie clips that were assembled from other sites. You might want to check them out to study them to see how they do the tricks so that you can incorporate them to your own abilities. Left Click to open and play these files from their location. Right Click and choose "Save Target As" to download them onto your computer. You will need a media player that can play these files such as Quick Time Movie Player.

Trick List

File Name

File Size

The Ollie (840 KB)
Kickflip (569 KB)
Heelflip (539 KB)
BS Shuvit (Pop Shuvit) (638 KB)
FS Shuvit (2.83 MB)
FS 180 (496 KB)
BS 180 (485 KB)
BS 180 Kickflip (464 KB)
FS 180 Kickflip (397 KB)
BS Shuvit-Kickflip (Varial Kickflip) (111 KB)
FS Shuvit-Heelflip (Varial Heelflip) (112 KB)
360 Shuvit (80.7 KB)
360 Shuvit-Kickflip (360 Flip) (505 KB)
FS 50/50 (227 KB)
BS Boardslide (2.24 MB)
BS Crooked Grind (K-Grind) (238 KB)

Below are a list of Websites with some good advice on trick tips:

Trick Tips from Bob's Trick Tips

Trick Tips from

Trick Tips from BirdHouse

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